Being Close To Having Diabetes

Everyone knows the perils of developing diabetes, but most people don’t take the situation of a borderline diabetic as serious as they should. While terms like “pre-diabetic” and “a touch of diabetes” are becoming more common, the urgency of this physical condition is ignored. This is not something to take lightly.

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What Does Being A Borderline Diabetic Mean?

If you’ve been told you’re pre-diabetic, your blood glucose levels are not what they should be. Blood glucose numbers indicate the concentration of sugar in your bloodstream and regulation is an important part of maintaining health. When your BGC (blood glucose count) runs higher than normal, every organ in your body may be compromised. You don’t feel well and you can’t seem to attain a balance in anything, from appetite to sleep to mood. Being borderline does not mean you have a “touch” of diabetes. It means you are facing the prospect of crossing a dangerous threshold if you don’t do something to improve your situation.

What’s Going On Inside Your Body?

Under ordinary circumstances, your pancreas produces insulin, which is used to assist cells in breaking down the energy you get from the food you eat. In the absence of sufficient insulin, an excess of sugar will build up in your blood. That can’t really be handled by your heart, kidneys, central nervous system or even your eyes. Thus the compromise to your organs that over time can cause serious complications. Hormones play a very important role in your quality of life and health in general. They tell you when you’re hungry or tired, and regulate many other primary functions. When the fluctuation of insulin in your bloodstream is on an upward spike, your BGC ranges from 100 to 126 and you are considered to be right there at the border of diabetes.

How Do You Change Your Diet?

Your doctor will have some strong words for you on the subject of eating, and you need to listen to them. Start cutting things out that are high in sugar, sodium, bad fats and chemicals. Replace them with fresh and natural foods no matter how much you think you don’t like them. Eventually, the fruits and vegetables your body needs will become more palatable. Don’t even think about soda anymore, even if it’s so called diet or sugar-free. Soda pop is full of empty and harmful calories for an ordinary body, but being prediabetic means it’s even worse for you. Eat sensible portions at every meal, and ask your doctor if you should start consuming four or five smaller meals each day, rather than a few larger ones. That may be better for your metabolism, thus helping to regulate sensitive insulin levels. Let your doctor introduce you to a nutrition specialist who can offer you useful dietary advice. Pick up a cookbook for diabetics and throw out everything in your pantry that isn’t healthy for you. No exceptions.

What About Exercise?

Being overweight can tax your body and may even be responsible for your diabetic dilemma. Check with your physician first, then dive straight into an appropriate exercise routine. While it may not be the most fun you have in your day, just like the healthier foods, you will adapt. Start small and start slow. Motivate yourself by adding music and buying workout clothes. Ask somebody who loves you to be your partner in fitness, because studies prove that having a buddy increases success. Park your car in the space that is furthest away from your intended destination, be it at the mall or your place of employment. Get a hyper breed of dog who requires five or six walks a day if you have to, but let nothing stand in the way of getting yourself in better shape and in a better position to fend off full blown diabetes.

Diabetes can be very difficult to live with and may even cut your life short. Do not feel any sense of relief if you’ve been diagnosed with being close to having diabetes, because it’s a serious warning. Take the steps that will improve your health now, while you’ve still got the chance. Balance in life is essential and achieving it from the inside out will help you live longer and in a much more vibrant way.